About Us

This site is owned and maintained by Zac Winstead with support from Bryan Monaco, Mike Miklossy, Kevin Burton and several other other Hahn enthusiasts around the country. We’ve uncovered large amounts of Hahn literature from the old factory in Evansville and managed to collect 40+ pieces of Hahn equipment that we show annually at the Lawn & Garden Extravaganza show. Its a great way to keep some Evansville history alive and tinker with some unique pieces of equipment that generate lots of comments and interest.

Our 2012 display was featured in the Jan/Feb issue of L&GT Collector Magazine.  Bryan Monaco and Mike Miklossy have written several other articles for the magazine on specific Hahn models and other Hahn related items.  The magazine can be purchased or subscribed to via this link www.lagtmag.com.

The large Hahn display will be back at the 10th Annual Lawn & Garden Extravaganza this June in Evansville, IN.  Come out and check it out.  It happens to be the 40th anniversary of the overall Southern Indiana Antique Machinery Show as well.